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Want to know what games I am learning?  Just check out the information and links below!  

While some are newly released games, others are older games that are new to me!

BGG.Con Spring 2016 - Games I Learned

Evertime I attend any BGG.Con (Board Game Geek Con), I try to spend my time learning new games and older games I have not learned previously.   Here are the some of the 16 games I learned while at BGG.Con Spring 2016 this year.  View the full list on my BoardGameGeek website Geeklist here in the order I played them.  Have you played these yet?
NOTE: Games are listed in alphabetical order below.

Garbage Day by Mayfair Games

Dawn's Details: A fun, light-hearted, easy to learn dexterity game with a mix of light strategy and chance.  Who can avoid taking out the garbage?  Test your resolve through playing cards to your room, or forcing others to add or remove cards from the garbage pile - without knocking anything over! Garbage Day was the first game my husband and I learned after working all night, and we both had a blast with it!

Game Stats:
  • Players: 2-5
  • Ages: 10+
  • Play Time: 20-30 mins
  • Mechanics: Dexterity, Player Elimination
  • Language Dependence: Moderate (mischief card text)
  • Release date: Summer 2016

From the publisher:  "There's an epic battle of wits being slyly waged among you and your roommates. No one speaks of it, or even acknowledges its existence, but when it comes to taking out the garbage, it's all about the art of the dodge. ... In Garbage Day, players take turns stacking garbage cards one at a time onto the overflowing garbage can, or stashing garbage cards in their rooms. But once a player's room gets too full, they must clean it by stacking all the cards from that room on top of the garbage can, very carefully, one by one. If garbage cards fall off the garbage can during your turn, place them in your overflow pile. If your overflow pile gets too big, you're eliminated from the game. If all other players have been eliminated, you win!"

Horus by Mayfair Games

Dawn's Details: A great two player game with engaging thematic appeal!  Horus appears as a casual tile laying game, but has a wonderful depth of strategy with the combination of card and tile play!  Excellent for those who want a faster game that allows them to plan several moves in advance, then have to adjust for other players actions.  For those of us who enjoy Ancient Egypt themed games, Horus delivers a feast for the eyes with hieroglyphics on richly pictured tiles and cards. Easy to learn and play, with high replay value from the shuffling of the cards and tiles.  No two games will be the same!  On my must-buy list!

Game Stats:
  • Players: 2-4
  • Ages: 10+
  • Play Time: 60 mins
  • Mechanics: Abstract, Strategy, Territory Building, Tile Placement, Hand Management, Area Control, Area Influence
  • Language Dependence: None in-game
  • Release date: June 2008

From the publisher:  "Journey to Ancient Egypt's sacred Nile valley! Great kings compete to forge mighty kingdoms in a struggle to control the land of "Kemet." Along the banks of the great river they expand their influence, explore new territory, and hope to earn the favor of the great falcon-headed god Horus.  Are you the one to unite the valley into one great kingdom? With clever use of card and tile play, you guide the course of the sacred river, and the lands that surround it! ... Using your influence, you gain control of valuable regions. You may even build a holy necropolis to thwart the expansion plans of your foes. If true and noble, you might even earn the blessings of the Horus temple! ... Can you seize your destiny and reign supreme over the land of Egypt? Discover your inner Pharaoh with Horus!"